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Africa and Indian Ocean

From RSD 357,287*
Mahe Island, Seychelles (Seychelles)
Round trip
From RSD 253,859*
Mauritius (Mauritius)
Round trip
Promo fare From RSD 422,094*
Saint Denis (Reunion)
Round trip


Promo fare From RSD 336,537*
Bengaluru (India)
Round trip
Promo fare From RSD 261,252*
Delhi (India)
Round trip
From RSD 355,533*
Malé (Maldives)
Round trip
From RSD 416,179*
Tokyo (Japan)
Round trip


From RSD 273,076*
Havana (Cuba)
Round trip
From RSD 233,740*
Punta Cana (Dominican Republic)
Round trip

Central America

From RSD 327,758*
Cancun (Mexico)
Round trip


From RSD 54,702*
Barcelona (Spain)
Round trip
From RSD 63,609*
Lisbon (Portugal)
Round trip
From RSD 62,337*
Madrid (Spain)
Round trip


From RSD 64,877*
Nice (France)
Round trip
From RSD 77,178*
Paris (France)
Round trip

Middle East

From RSD 303,110*
Dubai (United Arab Emirates)
Round trip

North America

Promo fare From RSD 221,264*
New York (United States)
Round trip

* All amounts are in RSD. Taxes and surcharges are included. No booking fee is applicable. Prices shown may vary depending on fare availability.